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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Drive-In Memories

Procrastination doesn't pay that is for sure.  Not that long ago as I was driving past our old drive-in, I thought it would be a great location to take some pictures. 

I have memories that date back about 41 years ago of that place...I remember going there as a little girl with my uncle and his girlfriend at the time and then many times after when I was a teenager.  Yes I even took my turn of getting into the drive-in in the truck of a car, it wasn't that we couldn't pay for the entrance fee it was the thrill of know more money for beer while we watched the movies.  I can remember when I was in grade 11 the date of the summer and I went to the drive but we didn't park inside the gates a few time...there was spaces at the back wall where about 6 vehicles could park and pick up the movie radio frequency....again the trill of not getting caught...don't think I ever seen the cops drive by the back where we along with a few others were parked...would see them drive through the parking lot making sure everyone was not causing any trouble.  Then when my husband and I had children we frequented the drive-in nearly every weekend with the kids in their pajamas, pops in the cooler and a bowl of popcorn.  My youngest daughter, Meagan was 8 days old the first time she went to the drive-in.

As I would drive by seeing this piece of my past standing regally in the grass a lone I would always be taken back to my old memories and I started thinking I have to remember to grab my camera and come get some photos of this piece of our history/past.

Well this morning I found out that I had lost my chance to ever photo graph the place I spent many a summer night with friends.  The Pines Drive-In was demolished on Wednesday, all that remains is a pile of rubble.  I had a twinge in my heart when I seen that photo and read the story on the front page of the herald.  It was a sad day for me and my family when they announced that the drive-in would close permanently.  We always looked forward to the drive-in each summer.  

Yes an opportunity is now lost to capture some photos of this place filled with so many memories of my childhood and teen years.  Procrastination doesn't pay.....I kept putting it off thinking it would be there the next time I drove by there, well I have been proven wrong.   Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, as the opportunity might not be there tomorrow.


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