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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Out of Touch

I feel like I have been so out of touch lately....just not enough hours in a day to get everything completed.  I have been wanting to make up some cards; work on the quilts I started for my kids 3 years ago using up their grandpa's clothes - Grandpa Memory Quilts and get some of my frames filled up and back on the wall in the living room.  Summer is flying by...hard to believe we are nearly at the middle of August.  Didn't summer just start???  Once fall is here I plan to dig out my quilting and work on the quilts.  I figure if I spend a weekend on each one I should be able to get the tops finished and then another weekend and I should be able to get the backs on them. Will pick up my stamping and card making again come September.  Still have a few more Christmas cards to make.  I did manage to make a couple more Christmas cards on a rainy weekend...just haven't had chance to get them photographed to show you all.  Card photos coming soon.

We haven't had much time for summer holidays this year.  My husband is supervising a new crew and there is no one that can fill in for him when he is gone at this time so we'll wait till layoff season and maybe take some more time.  I am really glad that we had a few days out in Kamloops in April, was nice to get away from home and spend time with family.  We did manage to get away over the August long weekend with our floating stat holiday at work and the stat we were away for 5 days.  Will post some photos from our quad trips soon.

This week I have my daughter's two dogs staying with us.  At the last minute she decided not to take them camping with them.  Charlie is a sweet heart but Abby on the other hand can be a handful...she is a sweet little dog....just really hyper.  If my yard was fenced I wouldn't worry about leaving her outside all day but I just can't risk her getting run over.  Don't know if she would chase vehicles but after having one dog run over don't want to go through again. 

Until next time have a wonderful day......
                   Live each day with out regret, Love deeply and forgive quickly!


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