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Monday, 13 July 2009

Change of Plans

When I arrived home on Thursday night with my kids my husband tells me the news that my best friend Brenda's dad passed away. This is the friend that has the cabin on Nemeiben Lake where we were headed for the weekend. Brenda and Jack don't have a phone at the cabin so the big discussion was how do we get word to them about her dad's passing. After speaking with member's of Brenda's family we decided that Al and I would drive up to Nemeiben and tell Brenda of her dad's passing. It was the least that we could do as Brenda has been there for me in so many ways over the years. We all felt that it would just be better coming from someone that close to Brenda and Jack than from the RCMP or Conservation Officers. It would be much more personal and compassionate as well and they wouldn't always have that cold memory of the authorities coming to their door. Brenda was so glad and grateful that we were the ones to come and tell her about her dad's passing. I know I appreciated it when I found out about my dad's passing by someone who cares than from a phone call or the authorities knocking on my door.

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