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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This morning as I am getting ready for work my two little house dogs let me know that they need to go outside....I was really surprised that Lucy wanted back out as she had just been out.  Anyways I notice that Rocco's bark is different almost protective toned and Lucy whose bark is very quiet can be heard along with Milo's.  With a quick look out the window and notice that Milo and Lucy are chasing after something black that waddles as it runs...Oh! No! it's a I yell out the window to grab their attention but of course it was already too late to save them from the spray!  Rocco thankfully didn't get it as he was on his rope and only has about 50 feet of free reign before he is halted.  Not long after that I am running around closing windows as the odor is creeping its ways into my house.  Now I am faced what am I to do with Lucy today while I am work as she never stays outside any longer than needed to do her business and then she is back in the house, so I decide I will put her on Rocco's line for the day...she will have access to food and water, and shelter from the sun and or rain. So I open the door and that little thing darts in between my legs....oh boy I am thinking.  When I finally catch up to her I take a good smell and nothing but wet dog --- oh what a lovely smell that is too, but I will take that over the skunk odor any day!  Lucy was saved my the lack of ode de skunk you could say!  I guess her little legs were just too little to get her into the line of fire when Milo got the bast of perfume from our little black and white visitor. 

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