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Sunday, 22 August 2010

FolkFest 2010

After working at the canteen for the Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race, Al and I headed off to Saskatoon to find a bed for our daughter so that she didn't have to sleep on the love seat another night.  So off to JYSK we went to check out they had that would be suitable.  Needless to say she found a really nice daybed that she liked, so day bed frame, mattress, memory foam topper (I think what she was most excited for), a couple of sheet sets, clothes hamper and some towels we headed back to her suite.  Amazingly everything fit in the back of the Santa Fe, we even had enough room to add a case of beer.

Once Meagan and Al got her bed set up along with her roommate and a friend we headed for Folk Fest.  In 5 hours we went around the world with stops in Australia/New Zealand, Norway, Greece and the Caribbean.  We tried some amazing food and some different types of alcohol from these countries.  We seen some amazing talent at these pavilions.

Australia had some talented people showing their ways with the they sure can make those whips snap.  We didn't sample any food here and they only had wine from Australia so I passed on the drinks here...everyone else had a local beer.

Norway had some amazing foods to sample....I was all pumped up to try Lutfisk (this is Cod Fish cured in Lye).  My dad told me how my Grandma & Grandpa Sharpen used to make at Christmas.   Now I can't spell the Norwegian names let alone remember what each was but oh it was very yummy....especially the Rommegot that is served with melted butter and brown sugar....Almond Kringle was very tasty.  I was hoping to get a Norwegian cookbook in English but they were all sold out.

Greece has some amazing Greek Dancers and awesome food as well.  The Pita Bread that was freshly baked......oh was it ever tasty...puts the stuff you buy in the store to shame.  Pita bread with Pork Slovakia, Tzatziki Sauce, Onions and Tomatoes was so good.  Topped everything off with a shot of Ouzo...OPA

We headed for the Ukrainian Pavilion but the line up was at least an hour long to get in. So off to our next destination - the Caribbean!  Oh was so colorful and the music was awesome and oh the entertainment was the best we seen all night.  The Steel Band from Saskatoon played a few songs..very felt like we were in Jamaica.  I have to tell you the Jamaica Me Crazy drink was fabulous - Tia Mia, Jamaican Rum and Pineapple Juice.  The entertainment highlight was Prince Niah - The Fire Eater, wow he was amazing.  He ended his show eating his last baton of fire like it was cotton candy.  It was HOT! HOT! HOT!

We are already planning to attend next FolkFest next year...but we are going to go for two nights so we can make our trip around the world even more enjoyable.  Nice thing is; we can visit all these different countries, taste their cuisine and enjoy the entertainment without leaving Canada.

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