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Monday, 16 August 2010

House Boat Trip

My family along with our friend's Danny & Sandra and their family set sail for a weekend on Tobin Lake in a 12 man houseboat from AURORA HOUSEBOATS in Nipawin.

Friday afternoon at the beach.

Sunday morning back at the same beach.  The fog was so thick it hung around till close to noon.

This houseboat has 4 private bedrooms, 8 person hot tub in the middle of the top deck and slide off the back from the upper deck into the water.  I started the weekend out not feeling well....I actually wanted to go home on Friday morning as I only wanted to crawl into bed and be by myself till what ever it was I had passed...well my hubby wouldn't hear of it.  My kids kept trying to get me to have a good time.... The kids had a blast on the slide and jumping off the top rail into the water.....and enjoying the hot tub at their leisure.
Group shot of the six jumpers going over board.....they had a was fun watching them jumping into the lake.  There were many jumps made through out the weekend.




Wetting down the slide!!


Meagan's First Jump off the rails!

My 3 Kids + 1

and the +1

These kids are already to go again next year, if they had their way!  I said nope next year I am going on a longer vacation than a weekend.

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angel4031 said...

WOW Looks like you had MEGA Fun!!!! Can I come next time??? x x LOL