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Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Waters of Life

Why is it when the waters in life seem calm and smooth sailing a huge swell has to come up and ruin it.  Aaahhhhh! Can you hear that big sigh?  I guess a person shouldn't get too comfortable when everything is calm and the old saying goes "the calm before the storm".  Just wish the storms would stay away!  I have to trust in the Lord that he will guide me through the troubled waters and arm me with the right things to say and do a the right times, as I truly believe that he never throws more in our paths than we can handle even though sometimes I wonder about that...but the waters tend to calm after a bit.

If I only had a magic wand that I could wave over my children to keep them safe and protected all the time.  It is so hard to sit back and let them have the control they need over their lives now that they are adults.  If only I could take care of things, but alas I have to let them grow and learn from the lessons that are thrown in their paths as they travel down life's road.  I know I did the best to arm them with the knowledge and common sense to do what is right and be there for them when they come looking for a shoulder to cry on or for that "Mom Hug".

I will have to wait this storm out and watch from the sidelines as my daughter travels this path she is on and be there when she asks for advice or help or just a hug.  aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

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