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Friday, 20 August 2010

Smoke Filled Skies

This morning as I was letting the dogs outside for their morning ritual, I was getting my first real glimpse of the day.  As I look out I notice the rising sun is "Orange" and I mean "Deep Bright Orange" I haven't seen the sun that orange since I lived in Flin Flon Manitoba in the Summer of '89 when we had bad fires in the area.  Upon opening the door all I can smell is smoke.  First thought is what close by place is on fire.  The ironic thing is it looked bitterly cold out like a late fall morning, but when I stepped outside the temperature was much warmer than I expected.

Listening to the morning news on the radio they say Saskatchewan is covered with a blanket of smoke coming from Williams Lake, British Columbia.  They figure the smoke should clear off by this evening....hope so as the air quality here in Prince Albert is considered very poor today and will not be good for those with Asthma and other breathing problems. 

The smoke is so thick that you would think we are about to get a down pour of actually looks quite cool and damp outside.

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