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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It's Snowing

Well it happened snowed.  We actually got more snow than expected.....forecast was for a dusting of snow in our area but instead we got SNOW....probably an inch of the sticky white stuff.  The hunters will be thrilled as they can now track their game through the bush.

Driving to work this morning took a bit longer than usual as the highway and grid roads were pure slush.  Everything was going along nicely until I get behind a vehicle that is held up by another going far too slow for the conditions, going under 40 km/h.  My dad's advice came back to mind from when I was first learning to drive that driving too slow is just as much of a hazard as driving too fast.  Those words were also told to me by the SGI Driving Tester when I took my road test in the midst of a Saskatchewan blizzard...I was the only one that showed up that morning and they were willing to let me try and I passed....he words of advise was don't drive too slow as you are as much of a hazard as if you were driving too fast. 

Hopefully our temperatures don't drop too much and freeze as we'll really be in real trouble with ice on the highways. 

I did hear that the snow is expected to melt once again on Wednesday.....we'll see about that.  This could be here for the season.  This snow is prime for snowman making....nice and sticky.


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