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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Joint Effort

Yesterday after work I stopped over at my friend's house to help her with her Christmas Wreath. Brenda and her sister had made this wreath together a few years back around 5 yrs I would guess. Anyways this year Brenda wanted to change it up and asked for my assistance. She picked up some stuff from Canadian Tire and more stuff from Michael's. By the time I got to Brenda's she had taken all the old stuff off the wreath and left the bow which still looked good.

So now it was my turn to take over and make the wreath beautiful again. I started by placing the poinsettia's then some of the greenery and some of the cranberry sprigs and before long it was looking really good. We had to make a quick trip to Canadian Tire for some large pine cones. After being side tracked shopping for Roughrider gear it was back to the house to finish up the wreath. Once I had everything place and we were both happy with the out come we took to the glue gun and permanently assembled things.

Both Brenda and her hubby were pleased with the wreath and both said it looked nicer than the large wreath they seen at Michael's on sale for $165.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product.

Close up of the wreath


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