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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Learning New Things.......

Today my daughter Brittany and I made cabbage rolls.  Brittany loves cabbage rolls, so I told her that she has to come help roll them if she wants to take some home.  I haven't counted how many we made but I am sure we at least 10 dozen...thinking closer to 15 dozen.  Will have enough for Christmas dinner, Ukrainian Christmas Dinner and a couple of other suppers in between.  Brittany did an awesome job rolling cabbage rolls for her first time....I am sure it is the Ukrainian in her coming out.  

After we were done rolling the cabbage rolls, Brittany made her first batch of stuffing for chicken.  Then she announced that she wanted to make the entire supper and that she did.  She did a great job on her chicken....stuffing was Yummy as was the rest of the supper.  Only thing missing was the cabbage rolls we kept out to cook for supper.  We got so busy with the chicken that we forgot about the cabbage rolls until the last 30 minutes of cooking time left on the chicken.  So Brittany took the cabbage rolls home with her and is going to make them for supper tomorrow.


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