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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Holidays Are Over

Well my Christmas Holidays are2 over for another year.  Where did the time go....seems like I only left the office the other day.  Now it is time to step back into reality and move forward. 

Christmas Eve we were invited to supper at our friends place which was a good evening of friends and family gathering together and sharing in the celebrations of the season.  Christmas Day we invited 2 families of friends for dinner.  We fit 12 people around the dining room table comfortably.  It was a wonderful day filled with fun, laughter, visiting with family and friends...more celebrations of the season.

Dec 27 & 28th two of our nephews were here for a visit, it was wonderful to see them.  Keith brought the new lady in his life, what a wonderful girl.  I really like her.....she makes my nephew very happy.  We went through some old photos early in the evening with Keith and Kevin picking out ones they would like copies I will be scanning these photos on my lunch hours to make the boys a disk of photos.   It wasn't until we were going through the photos that we all realized how much Kevin looks like his grandfather......WOW it is uncanny, none of us ever noticed/realized until we looked at pictures of Gido in his younger days...around Kevin's age now.  Kevin said it was like looking in a mirror.  We are looking forward to more visits with the boys.  Hoping one day to meet Keith's boys again....the last time we seen them he only had 2 boys and now has 3. 

New Years Eve, Al and I went in to Brittany's place for a supper of Lobster, Crab and Muscles.  Brittany finished doing my nails as Al put plastic on her living room window and fixed the latch on her gate.  Supper was amazing.....definitely will be cooking fresh muscles again - had forgotten how yummy they are.  Don't think I would do fresh crab again...far too much waste.  Next time I will buy King Crab Legs instead.  Brittany and I want to try fresh Oysters next time.  That is something I have never cooked, I am sure they will be much better than canned smoked oysters.  With Brittany being the manager of the seafood department at SuperStore it is good for her to try the different foods so she can answer the questions asked by her customers. 

 Brittany snapped this photo as I was checking on the crab

Today finds my darling hubby home sick with a wicked chest cold......and me on my EDO (earned day off).  Back to work tomorrow, I am actually looking forward to going back to the office and seeing everyone.


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