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Monday, 3 January 2011

Kitchen Photos

We started our reno's back in May and now I have pictures of the finished kitchen for you.  Why so long to post the photos well I waited until my OTR Microwave was installed so you didn't see them with a hole in them.  I am very happy with  my new kitchen.  How did I manage all those years with so little cupboard space.




A few more after photos


One day in the future I hope to build stained glass inserts for the cupboard doors, for now we have glue chip glass inserts which looks like ice formations.


 Taken from our entrance from the porch.  This area used to be fully enclosed with a door to the basement.

It is definitely a different looking house than it used to be.  We took an old house and made it new without having to build the entire house.



Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

omg.. your renovation is amazing.
i love your layout of the kitchen and the counters.
now you can enjoy your beautiful home


Anonymous said...

bout time girl...!! :)

this is absolutely beautiful....i would never want to leave it....what an awesome job you guys did.....

so when you teach me to make perogies....r we making them at your place? :0