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Thursday, 9 April 2009


When our son was just a toddler my husband used to love watching Fraggle Rock with Michael. Even I enjoyed the show, one of my favorite characters was Uncle Travelling Matt. Well this past week I feel a bit like Unlce Travelling Matt, Tuesday I had the opportunity to travel to La Ronge to meet with the Fire Centre Staff there and on Monday I am heading north to Stony Rapids for 2 days. I am taking a charter plane with Ministry of Environment Northern Air Operations at 8am Monday and flying out with Transwest Tuesday evening. One of the first things I am packing in my camera...I know it might not be that scenic as far as leaves on the trees and such but I don't know if I will ever have the opportunity to vist Stony Rapids again so I plan to make the best of my time there.

I have heard from so many people what a beautiful place it is to visit and I am very grateful for the opportunity my job has given me to travel there and work for 2 days. I am hoping that I may have the opportunity again in the summer to visit Stony Rapids as well as the other Fire Bases I take care of, Southend, Pelican Narrows/Denare Beach and LaRonge. Maybe I will have the opportunity when there is a fire happening so I can see some of the action. One never knows what opportunities will land in our laps.

I will post some pictures from my trip here for you to see when I get back.

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