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Friday, 28 May 2010

Change In Plans

Well my hubby was busy as a bee again yesterday working on our house reno's.  He put in the new south facing window in the dining room.  That really opens it up...WOW what a difference it makes.  Anyways we originally planned to take down the walls around the stairwell and make it completely open....not really my favorite idea but I had adjusted to the idea.  Anyways just after I crawl into bed my hubby calls me up stairs and he asked what I thought about leaving the walls up around the stair well.....ah music to my ears.  So what we decided is the area around the stairs that meets up with the hallway to the living room will be a half wall and the area down the hallway and around to the living room will stay as it is.  This way it still breaks up the house into sections giving privacy where needed.  Who wants to walk out of the bathroom and be facing directly into the kitchen.

Each day I get more excited for the renos to be done, well the kitchen, dining room and porch for now.  Next comes the bathroom (in floor heating, tile and tub etc) and the basement (family room, laundry room and craft room/area). 

Tonight I have the task of packing up my existing kitchen will be like a mini episode of hoarders as I know there is lots to be thrown out.    

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