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Friday, 21 May 2010

Last Night's BBQ

Yesterday afternoon was warm and sunny, so the girls and I decided to BBQ and have supper out on the deck. So while they were on their laptops on the deck on Facebook I started our supper.  We tried two new recipes from Kraft Foods - a taste of what's cooking that I picked up in the grocery store.

All was going well, we could see thunderheads rolling in from the south....but we figured we would have enough time to finish bbq'ing and enjoy our supper on the deck.  Apparently the storm was moving faster than we thought as Meagan told me lots of her friends had it in their Facebook status that it was storming in town.  Well the clouds no sooner got over head when the wind hit....and it hit.  As soon as I felt a spit of rain, I started to  move everything inside...of course my daughters were asking me if I was a sugar cube.  It didn't take long and they were grabbing the laptops and running for the door.  I on the other had finished bbq'ing in the rain with out an umbrella...that reminds me I should pick one up.

We really enjoyed the new recipes which I have posted below.  They are both definitely on my keeper list and will be making them again this summer.

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