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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Crafing Heaven

Michaels recently opened here in Prince Albert.  I have been waiting for many years for them to come to is like my dream come true for crafting stores.  So Tuesday after work I made my way to the Cornerstone shopping area and walked through those doors for the first time.  It was like the bright light was calling my name telling me my time has come and the doors opened and I was in crafting heaven.

I spent two hours walking the aisles of the store, spending most of my time in the scrapbooking section.  Oh how nice it will be to be able to pick this and that when I need it, instead of waiting to make a trip to Saskatoon.  One of the best finds for me was that Michaels now carry COPICS....yes that is right they have Copic Sketch Markers.  The selection is limited as they are trying them for 6 months to see how well they go over.  The sad things is most of the staff that I have spoke with the last couple of days don't realize what wonderful markers these little gems are.  So once I tell them how nice they are to color with and that you can color not only stamped images but you can color your ribbon and lace to match the theme they become even more eager to know more.  I have told these ladies to go on line and just google Copic markers and offered to bring in a couple of my colored stamped images that they can use on display so that people have an idea of what Copic markers are all about...there is a method to my madness in this matter....I want to see them carry the full line or at the very least a much fuller line and the refills for the Copic markers. 

Yes I think I landed in heaven.....or another comparison is like a kid in a candy story - look out!!


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