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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Kindness of Others

Yesterday morning my daughter's two house dogs and yard dog escaped out of her backyard. They made fast time in a couple of minutes. The guy that was there from Rotor-Rooter felt so bad that they had escaped, he said he felt a bit responsible for the escape. We all reassured him that it wasn't his fault that the large dog had figured our how to open the gate and they were off.

First place my daughter called was the local SPCA, gave them descriptions of the dogs and they said they would call if they showed up. We checked all the places we could think that they might go but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I called the vet clinic to see if anyone had called them as Rabies tag has the clinic name and number and the unique ID number to trace the dog if they are found by someone.

A few different calls had gone into the SPCA with sightings of the dogs, the SPCA in turn would call my daughter to give the location to the sighting. She was always behind them. Then she got a call from a friend that seen them by the 7-Eleven. Once again they were ahead of my daughter by about 20 minutes, she decided to start looking around the area when the SPCA called to tell her Abby had been brought in and to come right away. As my daughter was walking back to her truck her phone rang again. This time it was the vet clinic to let her know that her other little guy Charlie had been found 2 doors down from them at the groomers, maybe he wanted a shampoo and set. Turns out not only did they have Charlie, Boss the outside dog was there too. So within a matter of about 20 minutes apart she had all 3 dogs back home again.

The lady that found Abby, waited at the SPCA with Abby to meet us. She was so happy that when she brought Abby in to the SPCA to hear that someone was looking for her. The lady waited to meet us and assure us that Abby has been safe and was so happy to reunite her with her family.

Thanks to the kindness & honesty of others all 3 dogs were brought home safely. Our biggest fear was that someone had picked them up and keep them, which happens far too often in our community.

It always does my heart good when you see the kindness of others in action. It was a happy ending for all.


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