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Friday, 21 October 2011

Photography Bucket List


This weekend TGIF means something more than just the weekend is means that tomorrow I get to attend a photography workshop that I have been anxiously awaiting since August.  Greg Johnson, Saskatchewan's own Tornado Hunter/Storm Chaser/Photographer is coming to town to put on a photography workshop.  I have owned my Digital SLR for 3 years now and still struggle with all the settings.  I force myself to shoot in Manual Mode or AV Mode so that I can try and learn what I am actually doing and why but most of my pictures have been by sheer luck more than anything.  I don't fully understand the settings and why I am using them.  What I do know is from reading books, magazines or on line articles.  So having someone provide the opportunity to learn hands exactly what I need.

Check out Greg's website Tornado Hunter by clicking HERE  His photos are amazing and so inspiring. 

I love photography, especially landscape photography.  I am always looking for photo opportunities when I am out and about.

There are a few things are on my list to photograph.  Some that I can do right from home others I will need to travel for.

My Photography Bucket List
  • Northern Lights
  • Lightening
  • Polar Bears
  • Nistowiak Falls in Winter (have shot these once already, but want to return to shoot them again after my photography workshop with Greg)
  • Nistowiak Falls in Summer
  • Water falls at Wells Grey Provincial Park in BC
  • Winter scenes 
  • Many of the beautiful places right here in Saskatchewan
  • Canada Goose with new babies
  • Grizzly Bears in BC
  • Bald Eagle in trees or even in a nest....
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Beautiful sunrises
  • Canadian Animals in the Wild - this is on going
  • Animals in the wild in Africa ie: Zebra, Giraffe, Elephants, Hippos etc. (Basically an African Safari)
  • and a tropical location
  • Castles
These are a few of photography bucket list items...some of them correspond to my Bucket List.


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