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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


 Spring is awakening here in North Central Saskatchewan.  The grass is getting greener and greener with each passing days.  Trees are in leaf, song birds are singing, baby calves are scampering about the pastures and there are baby geese.  This morning as I was driving down our grid road on my way to work like every day before I slow down to see the ducks, geese, grebes, coots and muskrats; what a treat a pair of geese with their babies.  Oh how I wish I carried my camera with me everywhere I go, but it is too darn big to do that......then I remembered my cell phone has a camera on I back up grab my cell phone and SNAP I got a picture.  Most of the babies were on the other side of the mamma goose but I did catch a couple of them. 

Another awakening I had happened late yesterday afternoon when I was in Sobey's picking up a few things for supper.  I was in the bakery section, a friend of mine works there and was on shift.  So we stopped and chatted caught up on things, then she stops looks at me

Friend: You're loosing weight aren't you! 
Me:  Actually yes I am
Friend:  Wow you look amazing, you've lost a lot haven't you!
Me:  Thank you Rose... Actually I'm down 16.2 lbs since Feb 26th, but March 1st according to WW's. 
Friend:  Keep up the great are looking great.  Then gives me a big hug.

Wow I walked away feeling absolutely great about myself and how I am looking.  I look in the mirror and I don't see big changes but I know that I am feeling better and have more flexibility than I had before.  Piked up only what I needed for supper and headed home. 

First thing I do after I get in the house, put away the groceries is head to the bathroom and look in the mirror and BAM I seen it with my own eyes...I seen the difference in my body that I hadn't realized was there.  I am getting my waist line back, my stomach is flatter and you know what I think I look Fabulous!

My short visit with my friend Rose in the bakery of Sobey's awakened me to really see me.  WOW......


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