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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!  Enjoy!

My hubby and 3 grown children took me out last night for Mother's Day as my eldest daughter has to work today.  We have always found that going out for supper on Mother's Day is such a rush as everyone is waiting for a table to open...even with a reservation so you can't enjoy your meal as well with eyes watching you....always feels like they are trying to burn a hole in us to hurry up and leave. 

My son made reservations at Ricky's All Day Girl, he paid for supper, hubby paid for drinks and appetizers and both daughters paid for gifts.  The kids surprised me with a beautiful potted Orchid to add to ever growing collection before we headed out for supper.  As we pulled up to the restaurant my youngest daughter tell me, "Mom, I will pay for personal trainer sessions for you.  I know you have been wanting to get some sessions to get you started in the right direction for working out."  Wow I was taken back as I didn't expect that.....I am so excited to get started with my personal trainer at the Chiropractor Clinic where she works.  Jarred has been working with my daughter helping her train for her first 5K marathon this fall.  So seeing how she is progressing I am sure I will have some success.  Once we are seated at the restaurant my other daughter presents me with a card and gift --- Wow I wasn't expecting another gift.  The kids got me a wonderful card & beautiful sterling silver heart necklace with white sapphires and diamonds.  I kept it together....I could feel the tears building as I read the wonderful card and then when I opened the gift and seen it was from Peoples Jewelers. They took my breath away once again.

After supper hubby and I went the movies...we seen Johnny Depps new movie "Dark Shadows".  I was so proud of myself didn't even stop at the concession counter for popcorn, candy or a drink.  We were both full from supper but that never stopped us before.

This afternoon hubby and I headed into town to pick up some deck treatment so we can get the patio furniture set up and some supplies for my Patio fish and plants are needing to be put out.   We are not far down the highway when we here flop flop flop....pull over...sure enough a flat tire.  Hubby set to changing the tire, one guy stopped to see if we needed any assistance, that was a nice to see someone not afraid to stop and help.  Need to get the Hummingbird feeder up this week awaiting their arrival.  I also need to start thinking about my patio planters and what to plant in them.

We picked up one of those fire place bowls with the mesh lid.  Can burn either wood or candles in them.....we plan to have this on the deck for evenings when we want to sit by a fire but not a big fire.  We will set it up by the pond....can't wait to sit out there in the evenings with a fire and listening to the sound of the waterfall of the pond with a cup of tea, a glass of rum & pepsi or a beer.



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