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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On My Way!

Sunday after I stepped off the scale I was thrilled to see that I hadn't gained any weight,  I hadn't lost any weight either. This was good news for me especially after indulging in some sinful but oh so yummy munchies on Friday night.  My niece held a Jockey Clothing party....had a glass a wine called Girls Night Out - Yummy, ate lots of the veggies that were out but indulged in the cheese and crackers, the amazing cheese ball and the ever so Sinful & Yummy Nanimo Bars.  So Saturday morning when I dug out my points calculator I was pleasantly surprised to find the crackers that I had indulged in were much lower in Weight Watchers Points Plus points than I had figured.  So even without a weight loss last week I was thrilled that I hadn't gained any weight. 

Now the time came to take my measurements....hind sight being 20/20 I really should have done this when I started WW's back at the end of February and not been afraid to look at those numbers.  After all that is what they are a number and a number that I plan to shrink over time.  So my plan is to track my measurements on a monthly basis using the last Sunday of each month.  I set up a chart in MS Excel to track my measurements on the last Sunday of the each month.  

I am definitely out of the starting gate and on my way to a new ME!

I Believe........
          .........I will succeed; One day at a time!


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