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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dr. Oz

My aunt has raved about Dr Oz for years now and I have caught his show once in a while and checked out his website a couple of times.  I was always impressed with Dr. Oz's show and the information he gives.  Recently I was home from work a little earlier than usual, turned on the television and there was Dr. Oz on, I usually wasn't home early enough to catch his show.  He was talking about healthy alternatives to help with a healthier lifestyle.  I was impressed and have tried one of the ideas he showed on guest on the show about how to spark up her sandwich; instead of mayonnaise mix plain Greek Yogurt with Hummus.   So yesterday I made a chicken sandwich for my lunch at work only to discover no mayonnaise in the fridge.....but I did have Greet Yogurt and Hummus....I could hear Dr. Oz telling me make the switch you won't believe how delicious it will make your sandwich.  HE WAS RIGHT.  It is the most I have enjoyed a chicken sandwich in a long time.

So now I am so into watching Dr. Oz that I have it set on my PVR to record every episode and if I forget to set the PVR I can always catch his show on-line at Dr. Oz on CTV Yesterday I was checking out the recipes on his website and found a few that I plan to try....especially his healthy version of KFC Chicken.  To check out all the wonderful recipes on Dr. Oz click HERE.  Won't my family be surprised how something healthier than the fast food version will taste so yummy!  



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