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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Burning Down The Barn

Saturday night was the scene of a barn burning at our friends farm. The barn has been empty for many years and according to Danny it was time to come down. Before the official lighting we took Toonie bets on when the last wall would fall. All together there was about $32 in the pot. The bets ranged from 45 minutes to 33 hours. 1 hr 20 minutes after the fire was lite the last wall fell in. I was the lucky winner with a guess of 1 hr 30 minutes.

The starting blaze

It didn't take long for the blaze to burn through the plywood walls of the barn

The tree you see here next to the south wall survived the fire.
Katlyn and Brittany in front of the fire. I really like how they look silhouetted against the burning barn.

Fire's Burning, Draw Nearer Draw Nearer! Fire's Burning

Most of the walls are gone except for the back wall and part of the north side.
This is the last of the walls that finally fell 1 hr 29 minutes later winning me the Pot of Gold!

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