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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pound Some Powder

Saturday my husband and me along with our friends Danny & Sandra rode sleds from Brancepeth to Crystal Springs and back. We couldn't have asked for a better day for riding. This was our last ride of the year.

Sandra and I at on of our rest stops... Down at the bottom of the hill behind was a small herd of deer. There were tracks all over the area.

Following in last years tradition, the last ride of the year isn't the last ride unless I can manage to get the sled stuck. I had to pick the softest spot to cross the road and ended up sinking in soft snow. I tried walking the sled out only to move it a couple of feet and then sink it deeper into the soft snow. Took 3 of us to lift the back end up and move it around as well as the front end to line it up strait to the road.

It was almost too warm of a day for riding hard as by the time we returned back to the farm I was freezing from getting so warm then cooling off too fast....took me a long time after to warm up..... A good time was had by all. We put on about 50 miles that day.

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