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Monday, 23 March 2009

Saturday in Saskatoon!

Saturday morning my husband took off for Saskatoon to look for a car for our daughter Brittany. We found one car at Saskatoon Hyundai - 1999 Nissan Altima nice little car, drove nice, no rust etc......well on the test drive my husband was getting very frustrated that he couldn't find anything wrong with the car other than it was a 1999. Al was hesitant as he doesn't want to be back to doing the weekend repair jobs on an older vehicle. The other factor is Brittany might not be able to get a car that old with her loan either...something that she will have to check as we know someone that took a loan for a used vehicle and he couldn't look at anything older than 2004 or he wouldn't get the loan. Well we didn't find a car for Brittany yet but we are still looking, we still have time to shop around. We are staying away from a private sale, so we may be making a few trips to different dealers the area.

After looking at at a few other lots we headed over the Home Styles 2009 Show at Prairie Land Exhibition Park. We spent the better part of 2 hours there looking at all the different displays. We were mainly interested in Windows, Doors, Insulation and Siding as that is our project for this year. We did look at some of the kitchen cabinet displays as well. I don't know why people insist on taking their babies to these events....yes I got very frustrated when some of these parents would gather at the ends of the isle 3 or for strollers blocking entry or exit for everyone else....I know I shouldn't complain right....well if it were me I would get a babysitter and use this opportunity to be away from the kids......oh well I guess that is a sign of getting older getting annoyed at things that didn't used to bother me. We seen lots of good displays, Shell Busie was there, he did 2 shows we caught the second I can put a face to the voice we listen to on the radio on Saturday mornings. Al bought a ticket on the ultimate Man Shed --- OMG if he wins that I will never see him....comes with 4 LCD TV's, Fridge, Dishwasher, Bunk Bar, 2 Decks, Awning, Patio furniture and much much more...the prize is worth something like $56,000 oh it even has a Urinal in I said I would never see my husband except for when he was hungry and maybe not even then.

After the home show we headed to over to our son's place for a visit. We haven't seen Michael since he was in PA for a day back in February so I took him out for supper. He is doing really well, lost some weight looks really good. We had supper with Mike and then he and Al had a few beers together before we left for home. I must say I was very impressed at how nice and clean Mike's apartment was as well....very impressed...not the same kid that once lived in my house. I guess we did a good job with him.

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