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Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Saturday my husband and two daughters went out to our friends farm for the night for a day of snowmobiling and a barn burning that night.

Well Old Man Winter kept his ugly head reared just enough to make it cold with the wind. Brittany, Meagan and Katlyn decided to go for a ride shortly after we arrived. Meagan was the second person to get a sled stuck but not as bad as the guy before her. The girls were able to dig the sled out, I think they did. They had a good ride a bit short as they weren't sure where all they could ride to and didn't want to be caught tress passing. So after sitting around in the trailer visiting with many friends that came out for the day I decided it was time to dress up and go for a ride. After donning my snowmobile suit, new helmet and new mitts I was set to go. Of course Sheldon was telling me I was going to freeze out there....told him if he would dress for the weather properly he wouldn't be cold. I was gone for about 30 minutes when I stopped back at the trailer only to catch a tongue lashing from my daughters (all in fun) where were you, we were worried, you didn't check in we had no idea of where you went, what if something happened to you how would we know where to look for you...that was all it took for me to head back out the door for some more riding time. After Al, Dwayne and myself hauled logs back for the bonfire that night Al and I took off for a ride. Once Al decided it was time to head in I kept on going. It felt great to be out there with in the fresh air and I wasn't cold, I was actually very warm, close to sweating even. After I made my last run of the day as I came in the door Al is telling Danny I don't think I will ever get my wife off that sled, with her new helmet and good equipment. He didn't see me standing at the door way....all I said was we need another sled by next winter so that we can go riding together as neither of us will ride as passengers.

So the plan is that we are going to head out again in two weeks for a weekend of snowmobiling. Hopefully Old Man winters stays away with the bitterly cold winds and gives us some good temperatures for riding.

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