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Friday, 6 March 2009

Snow Snow and More Snow

Well with the warm weather in true Saskatchewan Style we got snow yesterday. According to the radio this morning we received 3 inches of the fluffy white stuff, twice as much that was in the forecast. Yesterday along with 4 other co-workers we head out for Saskatoon around 10:30am well the visibility downtown was not very good but we decided that we would go out on the highway and see what it was like. Once we got up on top of the hill it was better that is for sure. Between McDowell & Duck Lake was the worst on the highway...I had decided that if it wasn't any better my the time I made it to Duck Lake we were turning around. Why was I waiting to turn around at Duck Lake when it was so bad....because I couldn't see a turn off along the road to go into so figured it would be safer to do so at Duck Lake. From there to Saskatoon was good driving and coming home it was just after McDowell to PA that was horrible.

I was able to make it down my driveway last night but knew full well that there was no way I was getting out in the morning with my car. So this morning with the Yukon and 4 X 4 I made it to work with out problem. My girls on the other hand will not get out until my uncle plows the road out as there the drifts will be too much for the cars to get through.

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