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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Spring is Arriving

It seems that Spring is arriving. It is nice to be able to drive to and from work in daylight. I usually leave home just after 7am and it is so nice to be able to drive in the daylight. I find that it is uplifting to have the daylight hours. Soon the snow will change in puddles of water, tree will bud and crocus will be in bloom. It is such a joy to watch Mother Nature awake from her winter slumber here. I look forward to the days when the ducks and geese return, little ones hatch, spring flowers bloom, pussy willows bloom and the song birds return.

I am hoping to get out this spring with camera in hand to get some pictures of Mother Nature's Awakening....the way I look at I will be killing two birds with one stone...getting some nature pictures but also getting some exercise in with walking. Last year I got some nice photos of Crocus' in bloom this year I hope to capture more sights of spring.

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