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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back up and Save!

With living in the electronic age...the digital world I decided to do the smart thing and store my photos on a portable hard drive to save space and resources on my computer...well wouldn't you know it the portable hard drive crashed on I can't read on my laptop or my computer.  There are all kinds of photos on there from pictures of my kids, to Christmas' & Easter, Summer Holidays and my house renovations.  I called my computer gal at the Coop and she is going to have a look at it for me and see if she can get the drive to read and pull the files off for me.  Please say a prayer that she will be able to save my photos for me!  If she can I am going to do a double back a portable hard drive and another I will burn CD's of the photos that I really really don't want to loose. 

My fingers, toes and legs are crossed too.....

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