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Monday, 13 September 2010

Poop Happens!!

What a topic for a blog post eh!  Well as it happens today after work I stopped by to visit a friend of mine that has a Day Care in her home.  As it turns out I find her on the floor in the bathroom reading a story to a little girl in the process of potty training....awaiting the poop.  Boy did that bring back memories of when my children were at the stage from babies to toddlers and going through the potty training days!  I can remember sitting with my kids waiting for that little tinkling sound or the plop plop of poop...... WOW seems like a life time my kids are all on their own and the phrase "Poop Happens" has changed somewhat for them, either way it happens!

It is funny what sparks memories!  I can't believe that they are setting their own independent paths in life...I can remember thinking it would take forever for them to be on their own....and here all 3 of them fly the coop the same summer.  Poop happens~

1 comment:

Deb said...

Ha!! Too cute!! I recently went through this stage again - this time with grandkids. I think that I clapped louder and longer for the grandkids upon completion of the task at hand than I ever did for my own kids, but that's grandparents for ya!!
Deb xoxo