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Friday, 17 September 2010

Kitchen Reno Pictures

After a long wait I am posting some photos from our kitchen renovations.  I still don't have photos of the cupboards as we still have to get glass put into a couple of doors and buy the microwave/range hood for above the stove.  Once I have those I will take more pictures and post them for you all to see.

As for the dining room we still need a light fixture and a dining set.  So once we have those in place I will post pictures of those as well.

The other thing we have to do is get the base boards and window moldings.  That should happen within the next few weeks.

Enjoy the pictures!


 Taken from my living room

Taken from in front of my kitchen sink

Looking from the kitchen sink to where the dinning room will be.


Taken from the corner where my pantry will stand

Al taking out the flooring that my grandparents put in back in 1980

Looking from the kitchen entrance into our new porch
Looking from where my pantry will stand down to the corner where the sink will go

Same location as above

The new stair well.  This used to be closed off completely with a door to access the stairs

Paint is up on the walls. 
Taken from the doorway into the kitchen from the porch

Taken from the dining room.
Lucy had to sneak into the photo too!

Looking into the dining room and feature wall in the kitchen
Taken from the corner by where the sink will be.
Lucy didn't want to miss out on another photo op!

Dining Room.

Looking into the porch from kitchen entrance

Hope you enjoyed the little tour around my new kitchen and dining room.  I haven't taken any after pictures of the cupboards up yet as we still haven't installed the over the range microwave....hoping this weekend or next!  I now have the glass doors in for our feature cabinet.


Anonymous said...

This looks very cool!! Oh, and I noticed you have a shih tzu bichon mix!! SO DO I!! Her name is Lilly. I also have a regular shih tzu, too. :)

Leslie Avila said...

Love home improvement, before and after photos! Seriously, wish more people took the time to do this. Love it, thanks for sharing.
Leslie Avila