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Friday, 3 September 2010

Photo Ops

This morning as I was getting ready for work the weather man said that there was heavy fog hanging over Prince Albert.  Sure enough when I let the dogs out for their morning constitutional the fog had set in around the farm.  It was so beautiful with sun's rays cutting through the trees peeking through.  I only wish I had more time this morning to grab my camera and head out for some wonderful photo ops. 

As I was driving down the grid road I noticed that there was an abundance of spider webs again.  Not as many as the last time when I caught these beauties on my camera but lots just the same....again no camera in hand.  The other thing that I noticed about the spider webs was that they were only on one stretch of the road, maybe some of the spiders were staying where it was warm, as dropped down to +2 C last night....just a tad cool.

As I was approaching the city limits the fog was thick over the couldn't see a single building.  Again I sure wish I would have 1. had the time to stop and 2 had my camera with me as there was an amazing Photo Op at the train bridge.  I would have had the bridge peeking out of the fog til close to half way down the bridge then it would have only been fog. 

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