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Monday, 14 April 2008

LifeStyle Change - Update~

The other morning I stepped on my scale and WHAT!!! That can't be right....I had lost nearly 8lbs over night, and no one was fiddling with my scale as it is a digital scale. I knew there was no way the weight that was staring up to me was correct. So I stepped off and back one about 5 times and each time I got a different reading. Trying to determine why this was happening I realized the my bathroom floor is not the most level and that is why my reading were off also unless you step in the same spot your weight is going to be off just a bit.

So the last couple of mornings I have taken the scale out to the hallway where it is level, marked where to put my feet and have been calculating from that. As of this morning and I take my weight each morning I have dropped 4.4 lbs in 14 days. I am very happy with that number and there is more to go yet.

I still would like to do before, during and after photos. Just to find the time to take the pictures has been the challenge.

This lifestyle change that I have started is the best thing that I did for myself in a long time. It is one thing to know what you have to do but to actually do it is another thing. For many years I kept telling myself I needed to make the changes and loose some weight but I tried it by dieting and exercising. Trying to follow a certain type of diet and eliminate all the good food in life and before I knew it I was defeated. Even with Weight Watchers I ended up being defeated. Following the points system started out good but with a growing family trying to cook for them and for me just got to be too hard and it was easier to give up then keep trying and of course the exercise ended up going to the way side as well and I was surviving miserably inside.

I avoided having my picture taken so I made sure I always had the camera in my hand, hated looking into the mirror....I didn't like the looks of the person I had become. Shopping for clothes was depressing...enough that I would grab a large glass of Pepsi or a pastry form the the bakery to make me feel better.

My biggest wake up was watching my dad have a stroke and realizing that if I don't do something different in my life I will end up the same way and most likely at a much younger age than my dad. My dad's stroke changed my life in many ways, now I had to help care for my dad and help him fight to keep his independence, not because the doctors were trying to take it away but after a major thing like a stroke it takes time for a person to get back to normal. My dad was lucky, he had Zero neurological damage from the stroke but it was going to take time for him to recover, then I took sick for February and March. While I was sick I noticed that I was loosing weight and fast as I had no appetite for the most part. Knowing this wasn't the healthy way to loose weight but at the same time seeing hey I can loose weight and I am going to do it.

Biggest Looser Couples on NBC was a great motivator as well. My daughter Brittany and I watch it every week. Before I realized it I was learning something from each episode, things to change to help me turn my life around. It is more about a lifestyle change than a diet, I have been asked by husband and my kids how my diet is going. I respond with I'm not on a diet, I am changing my lifestyle and I am loving it.

I now eat breakfast everyday...something that I haven't done for many years. I drink my 8 glasses of water daily and watch what I am eating. I eat balanced meals for lunch and supper as well as healthy snacks during the day. If I have a craving for something sweet sometimes I will give in and so for it. So far I have given in once, other times I chew a piece of gum usually fruit flavored, this way I am satisfying that sweet tooth and eliminating nearly all the calories except about 5 of them, it is as Win Win and the flavor lasts longer with the gum than if I had bought that chocolate bar or donut.

I am creating an exercise routine, one that I will like so I will be more likely to stick to it. Another key to my small success to date besides feeling so much better than I used to is I journal everything I eat, drink and now my exercises as well. When I work out not only do I journal what I do I use stickers on that days entries as a way to track and see that I am working out as well.

I have also read if you can visualize yourself now and what you want to look like you will be able to achieve it, but first you have to accept who you are NOW and that is one thing that I never did until recently. In my mind I was still like I was when I got married.....skinny and that is what I seen until I need to buy some clothes. So I always took my daughter with me and if she told me it looked really good then I would buy it as I decide if it really looked good or was my mind playing tricks on me. It also comes down to having to look in that mirror and decide hey I look good for who am today and I can be better tomorrow.

Another motivation that I have set up for myself is that every 2 weeks I have $40 deducted off my paycheck and deposited directly into another account with the Diamond North Credit Union a financial institution that I don't deal with other than to have this money deposited into to a savings account for a shopping spree for new clothes. One of my girlfriends & I are planning a girls weekend trip to Saskatoon for a Shopping and a Spa Day as our big reward for becoming out own "Biggest Losers". So how much I have to spend depends on how long it takes me to reach my goal weight and maintain it until May 2009, then I will go shopping. I figure by February I should be close to reaching my goal weight and maintain from there on and by May I will be ready for a new wardrobe just in time for summer.

I receive a newsletter from Losing it with Jillian Michaels, trainer - Biggest Looser . She has some great tips and information to use. Below is today's tip that I want to share with you.

Commit 100 Percent
To see results in any area of your life, you must be consistent and stay the course. This is also true for fitness, health, and weight loss. You've got to do your part to ensure you're getting the results you want. If you aren't consistent, then you'll always be playing catch-up, and you will make at best some gradual progress rather than getting your body in gear and maximizing results in no time.

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