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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Enough Snow Already.....

When I first read the email that a co-worker forward to me from her husband talking of this Spring Blizzard that was expected to hit around midnight Saturday night...I thought it was a joke for a split second....then realized this is Saskatchewan and any thing can happen with the weather.

Friday after work my husband, a friend of our and me went for drinks at Boston Pizza. After Sandra left, Al and I stayed to for is becoming our Friday night date night. Knowing that Danny was on his way home from work that evening we told Sandra we would stop by later. Around 11pm I could hear something lightly hitting the window...when I looked out the first time I didn't notice a thing till I looked up around the street light. There is was in all its glory SNOW....dancing around in the glow of the street lamp.

Al and I left town around 12:30 am Saturday morning....I called the kids before we left and told them I would call them when I got home and let them know if they should drive home or stay in town for the night. I am really glad that there was no traffic on the highway other than the odd vehicle as visibility was terrible. There were places that I didn't even have a car length's visibility ahead of me. What normally takes about 15 - 20 minutes to drive from Prince Albert to home took me nearly 45 minutes.

Some how it feels more like fall than spring weather........its almost as if we had spring and summer in a few short days and its back to winter......

AHHHHHH I want warm sunny weather so I can out in my flower garden and start preparing for my vegetable garden.

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