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Monday, 21 April 2008

Brrrr..........its cold outside

It is funny how our own thermostats work. Currently the temperature outside is -5 Celsius and it feels really cold because with the windchill is is like -12 Celsius outside. You'd think that just coming out of a Saskatchewan winter -12 C wouldn't really seem cold like it does in the late fall. Could it be the teasing temperatures we had earlier this month that were above normal for this time of year.

Good thing I didn't packed away my gloves and scarf and my sweaters for that fact. Instead of dressing for a spring day it is more like Autumn outside. Yes I wore a big sweater to work, my scarf and my gloves and I could still feel that wind cut through my fleece jacket.

I am so glad that we didn't get the snow that was predicted for Prince Albert. I started thinking of a childhood rhyme that my grandmother used to say all the time... April Showers bring forth May Flowers.......well it seems that this year April skipped the showers and went straight to snow.

So far the forcast shows we should see sunshine by Wednesday but till then we will have to put up coolertemperatures, light snow flurries and the wind.

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