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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Letting Go! Again.........

Once again I am faced with the task of letting another one leave the nest....I don't think this will be that bad this time as it is again my son Michael.....In just over 2 weeks my son will be moving to Saskatoon. It was nice to have him back home with us, even though I new it would be for a short time when he returned from Lampman SK.

It is nice to see my son spread his wings and try new adventures. He has wanted out of Prince Albert since he graduated. This time he is going at it the right way.....waiting until he had a job to go to instead of going on the word of a friend that was only thinking of themselves. That is what he did when he went to Lampman. His friend told him oh don't worry...guaranteed you will have a job with good pay within 2 weeks max. RIGHT....didn't happen that way, it was nearly two months before Michael was able to secure a permanent job that was for more than 1 week and it was at 50 cents above minimum wage. It was a lesson learned and one that will never be forgot.

The nice thing is Saskatoon is only 1 hr 30 minutes away so we can always pop down for the day to see him or bring things to him and when he wants to come home for a weekend he won't be spending most of the weekend driving.

Now just to get the girls ready to leap out on their own.....well they need to graduate high school first and figure out what to do from there. So we sit and wait and wait.......and enjoy the time we have them home but look forward to when we have our lives back to ourselves, somewhat to ourselves at least. I have heard just because they leave home doesn't mean they are gone forever.

Home is always there if they need it.

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