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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Moving on

Today my son moved to Saskatoon to start a new job tomorrow morning working for a commercial cleaning company that works does insurance jobs after fires, floods etc. As this isn't the first time that he has moved away from home, this time it isn't hard on me. I am very happy for Michael to taking a step in a new direction in his life.

Al and I have an open door policy when it comes to our kids. If they want to move out and try it on their own we support that but we also understand that there may be a time where they need to come home and back on their feet.

Michael and his friend Dave left for Saskatoon about 2pm today. They found a 2 bedroom basement suit for June 1st, rent is reasonable includes all utilities and they have the responsibility to mow the lawn and shovel snow for a break in rent. For two young guys on their own they couldn't ask for a better deal than that. So until June Michael will stay with Dave at his 1 bedroom suit and sleep on the couch. As Michael puts it is only for 1 month then we move into our new place I think I can handle staying on the coach for the month of May.

The nice thing is for now Michael only had to take his clothes, laptop and his hedgehog. We'll move all his big things down at the end of May when he and Dave move into their new place.

I am very proud of Michael for how he has matured over the years into a good man. He will do fine in what ever he does and where ever he goes.

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