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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Answer To A Prayer

The last month I have been thinking about my dad a see it has been just over 6 months since he passed and the 1 year anniversary of the day he came home from the hospital after he suffered a TIA (mini stroke). We felt so blessed that he recovered from the TIA without any damage and thanked God every day for that. With Christmas getting close and this will be the first Christmas with out my dad there have been some very difficult days. I have a loving husband who understands what I am going through and is there for me.

After my dad passed I asked God to let me know somehow that my dad was happy and with my mom in the home of our Lord Jesus Christ & God. God answered my prayer through my best friend who dreamed of my dad and mom together walking hand in hand through a beautiful meadow of wild flowers. My dad loved picking wild flowers. She had this dream before I was able to tell her of my dad's passing. She knew by the end of the dream that he had passed away. She wasn't sure of who the lady was with my she had never met my mom. At the end of the dream as my dad and mom were walking back to where they came from the stopped and my dad turned to Kim, winked at her and told her tell her I Love Her. This was the answer to my prayer that I had asked God the night before.

Again I asked God to let me know once more that my dad was happy and watching over me and my family. In fact I asked this on Thursday night. Well yesterday when my husband came home with the mail, a couple of Christmas Cards arrived. As I read the one from Debbie, my husband's cousin my prayer was again answered. She wrote a beautiful letter/poem for me called My First Christmas With Jesus. The background of the paper was a watermark photo of my dad. I am sure that God used Debbie to allow my dad to once again let me know he is happy and looking forward to spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year. As I read this I could hear my dad reading this to me.

You see God does answer our prayers, I know this as he has answered many of mine over the years. You just have to listen and watch for them. I feel so blessed that both times I asked God about my dad, he answered my prayers the very next day, with God's love I will get through this time and be a stronger person because of it. Both times he used someone very special to me as a messenger so that I would know his love is unending. I believe that God uses the people we hold near and dear to us as messengers to show us not only his love but the love our loved ones have for us too.

This year for Christmas my dad won't be with us in body but I do know that he will be us in Spirit. Christmas for my dad this year will be a very special one, he will be with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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