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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Last Minute Christmas Items

There are only 5 days left till Christmas and 4 shopping days left. I wrapped all the gifts we bought for the kids and those for my hubby today......only have two gifts that I wasn't able to wrap. I need to get a bigger gift bag for my hubbies gift and pick up a nice card for him too. Trying to figure out how to wrap our son's gift...this one is going to be a challenge and I know I can't find a bag big enough for it either.

Al and I sat down and went through our menu for Christmas Day and made a list.....we're thinking we might be one of those people that everyone thinks is crazy for going shopping in the middle of the night...with WalMart and Super Store both open 24 hrs we will be able to pick up pretty much everything we need before the stores get really busy either that or go in for about 8am. Now that I think about it going in for 8am is a better idea, this way we will be able to hit both the liquor store and the Co-op before they get busy........ then we will done and if we forget anything - then we don't really need it.

Monday afternoon and Tuesday are the days I am going to finish off the bit of baking I have left to do.

Next week this time it is all over and done with. Also once week from today Christmas 2009 will be 363 days away, that makes it 370 days away from today.

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