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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Before I get too lost in the cleaning of my computer room I thought I would take a moment to blog.

It is amazing the thing you find that you tend to forget about. Like the saying says out of site out of mind. Found some magazines I forgot I even owned, found some blank CD-R's which I thought I was out of.

It is a good thing that I picked up a box of garbage bags yesterday when I was in town as yes there is lots that is going to the dump. We have used the computer room as a place to throw things that don't have a place but not sure if we wanted to keep them or not an in the end it all ends up in the garbage.

OMG do I ever have a lot of cook books. Some that I haven't opened in nearly 20 years....these are going into the garage sale pile. If you ever watched the show Clean Sweep on TLC they would be shaking their heads at me....I have a hard time throwing things away sometimes. I still have my first printer that doesn't work very well, its not even worth giving away....instead of getting rid of it, I just shuffled it off to the corner of the room just in case of what I wonder as I stand there shaking my head asking myself what were you thinking!

When I started in this room all there was was the path to the computer with stuff piled 3 or 4 feet deep....yes we have neglected this room long enough. This is going to be my own version of Clean Sweep and lots has to go. I can see this taking a day or so to complete.

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