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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and getting into full swing. So many more things to do and so little time to do it in. 22 days until Christmas, time goes by so fast. I still have a few gifts to buy and stocking stuffer's to get for the kids, baking to do, menu to plan and party's to attend.

We are attending our first Christmas Party of the season on Saturday. We get together with 3 of my girlfriends from High School and their families each year at Christmas. This year we are going to go bowling first and then head up to Brenda's house for finger food, games, giggly gift exchange and fellowship. This year we are also exchanging recipes for the appetizers that we bring. Next weekend (Dec 13) we have the Bridge Crew Christmas Party with a Potluck Supper. There is always lots of food and a good variety as well, after that we should be done with parties but you never know what lurks around the corner.

My husband has turned out to be a hard to person to shop for this year. Usually by Nov 1 I have a pretty good idea of what to get him but not this year.....not a hint or a clue of what he would like. So I had to grill him the other night for ideas of what he needs at least this was a start. Gave the girls some ideas as well for gifts for their dad and I have figured out what to get him....won't mention it here or even give a clue as I don't want him to find out anything about his present(s). I am sure he will be happy with what I get him.

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