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Friday, 26 December 2008

Its All Over For Another Year

365 Days in a year, where do they go and why do they seem to fly by us at the speed of light most days. Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. Christmas Eve sticking to tradition we joined the Kolendreski Family for supper. Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Ham and all the fixings. A good time was had by all. Danny, Sandra and Scott joined us for Christmas Day Supper.

Following tradition the kids get to open a gift like they have done for so many years. There isn't much guessing that happens as it is tradition that on Christmas Eve they get a pair of new PJ's. The surprise is what color and what print the pj's are. I asked the kids if they would like me to change it from PJ's to something else and they all agreed NO....we like getting PJ's on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning arrived a little later than usual for our house. By 10am we were starting to unwrap presents. It is fun to watch the look on each others face as they find that they got something they really wanted. My husband likes to hid gifts as well. This year our daughters both wanted new clothes for Christmas, we decided instead of trying to buy them something that they would probably end up returning we gave them money instead. We just don't put the money in a card and give it to them...they each got a book and buried throughout the book amongst the pages is $20 here and $20 there. It took them a while to find the money but once one of them found the $20 the other knew what we did this year. Last year their money was wrapped in a huge chocolate bar. It was the year for games in our house, especially for my husband who got two new games Seinfeld Scene It and Catch Phrase 2, both fun games. The family got Friends Scene It and Scrabble.

Once the turkey was in the oven we started to play games. We ended our day the same way we started it, playing games. We had a couple of rounds of Pass The Pigs - very much like Yahtzee but with Pigs instead of dice. You score points based on how the pigs land......Seinfeld Scene It and Things Humor In A Box.

So for the next few days it is left overs and more left overs. 18lb Turkey sure leaves you with lots of turkey for the next few days..... Farm raised turkey is SOOOOOOO much tastier than the ones you buy in the grocery stores.

364 Days until Chrismtas 2009. It will be here before we know it.

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