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Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Well I think my hubby will be thrilled when he gets home on Friday, no let me re-phrase that...I know my hubby will be thrilled. He will finally be able to use his snow blower. I think after last nights snow there is enough snow on the ground to warrant him starting up the snow blower. I can just picture him now out there in all his glory. Boys and their toys.....He has been waiting since August to use the snow blower. He bought a small yard/garden tractor with a rotter tiller, lawn mower & snow blower attachments. He wants to get a small blade made for the front end so he can also plow the snow around the yard...mind you the blade can also be used to level out the driveway in the spring, summer and fall after it has been rutted up after a lot of rain.

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