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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Getting Back to Basics

On New Years Eve, Al, Brittany and I decided we are going to try our hand at raising Chickens and Turkeys. Neither Al or I have raised chickens since we were kids so this will be an adventure. The way we look at is I paid $55 for our Christmas turkey that we might as well try our hand at raising them. Farm raised chickens and turkeys taste so much better than those you by in the store that are raised in cages in big barns.

Brittany is all pumped for this adventure claiming she will help take care of them. We asked Michael if he wanted a few chickens and a turkey, only catch is he has to help with the butchering of them. He is in, no problem...only one not too keen on the idea is Meagan stating I am not eating our chickens and turkeys. She said it wouldn't feel right eating something that may become a pet. Well it won't be long and they won't seem like pets to her and I am sure she will enjoy eating them as much as the rest of us will.

I remember a child my grandparents raised chickens and a couple of turkeys. They are so cute when you first bring them home. My God Parents used to own Mid-West Tackle and Hatchery. Each year Nancy gave me my own little box of chicks (usually 3 or 4 of them)these were the unique colored chicks - black and white, all black or speckled. I looked forward to the day we would pick up the chicks each year just to see what unique chicks I got.

So seeing it has been a few years since either my husband or I raised chickens think it is time to do a bit of research on the matter. Better to read about raising chickens and turkeys now instead of being stressed out later.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the chickens and turkeys! sounds wonderful ...... you are sooo brave!

Anonymous said...

really missing you at fcf hope to see you post soon.