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Friday, 30 January 2009

Life Style Changes & Goals

Have you watched the show Biggest Loser Families. I have been watching for 3 seasons now and I am very inspired by these people. So February 1st my husband and I are starting our own Biggest Loser at home. Last April I started a Life Style Change and I was doing really good...loosing weight and inches...fitting into clothes I hadn't been able to wear for a long time. My lifestyle change came to a grinding halt with the passing of my father. Grief does things to a person that you never realize until it happens to you. So for the last 7 months I have tried to follow a healthier lifestyle have had many bumps along the way. I know that living with this extra weight is not good for my health in the long run and I do want to be around to see my future grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren. I also want to be healthy so I can enjoy times with my family as I grow older. So February 1s is the start date. I am very happy that my husband is joining me on this change as well as it will be easier in many ways to have not only his support but also to have to answer to him not just the scale.

I have learned a lot from the Biggest Loser show as well as the many Prevention magazines that I read. I will be seeing my doctor on the 13th so until then I will not do any strenuous exercising until I have my doctor on board with what I am doing. I want to do this the right way and the safe way so that the weight stays off. I am hoping that the warm weather sticks around so it won't be so cold to go for a walk each evening.

I have tried this diet and that diet in the past only to fail for many reasons, like being the only one in the house making the changes and being drove crazy when they pull out the chips and dip, cookies or chocolate bars and pop. With my husband doing the same things by my side I am sure we can both achieve our long term goals bur for now I am going to set monthly goals.

My first goal being that in the month of February I want to loose over 5 lbs. Ideally I am going to strive to loose 2 lbs per week. I have read many times that it is easier to reach smaller goals than to focus on the ultimate goal which is to get back down to 125 lbs. So each month I will set small goals so that they are within reach. When I have reached my ultimate goal I plan to reward myself with not only a new wardrobe (which I will need) but also a biggest loser ring. Something to remind me of my accomplishments.

So Sunday morning we are both going to step on the scale, take our measurements and start off on a lifestyle change that will last a life time.

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