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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Saturday Night at the Movies

On Friday evening my husband and I decided to stretch our date night over two nights, so we did just that. Friday night was at BP's for drinks and something to eat and Saturday night was Movie night.

We went to see Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. What a good movie....definitely worth seeing. It is one movie that I think I will buy when it comes out on DVD. I am sure that each time you watch it you would notice something new in the movie.

Al and I also think that we are cursed; it seems that where ever we go to see something we end with a "Laughing Hyena" either next to us or right behind us. Happened at Reba, happened once before at the movies and again last night. OMG this woman laughed at everything funny or not...think she was trying to impress her date or annoy the shit out the rest of the people in the theater. It was everything I could do not to snap on this woman. Yes there were some really funny parts but she just laughed at anything. More than once I wanted to tell her "It's not that funny". Okay it was so annoying nearly told her date to put a muffler on her. Okay now I have vented and feel much better. Had the theater not been full we would have moved seats.

Anyways Gran Torino is an excellent movie, I give a Thumbs Up and recommend it to anyone. It has a great story line and Clint Eastwood does an awesome job, he portrayed the emotions to the point that I felt I was there and could really see and feel what he was going through.

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