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Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Retirement, something we all have to do at some point in our lives. Some people welcome it with open arms others fight it all the way. Some people retire early and other work as long as they possibly can. No I am not retiring any time soon although some days I wish I was.

Today we are celebrating one of my co-worker's retirement. I on the other hand have close to 17 years before I can retire, unless I win the if you know the winning 649 numbers please share them with would be a big boost to my retirement fund.

Currently the plan is for my husband to retire first and about 4 months later I will retire. We both want to be able to do some of the things we have only dreamt about all our working years. We want to be able to be young enough and healthy enough to enjoy many years of retirement. If you ask me in a 6 months or a year from now our plans may have changed or they not.

For now I wish my co-worker nothing but the best in her retirement and some days I wish that I was in her shoes and other days I am glad that I am where I am.

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