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Friday, 9 January 2009

Slide Show

For Christmas this year our nephew and his wife put together a Slide Show DVD of what they did in 2008. We didn't know many of the people in the pictures but it was really nice to get to know more about them through the DVD.

Anyways last night I was playing around in ADOBE Photo Elements and found where I can make a slide show with photos, text and music. So I started playing around in this when my husband came up with the idea that I should make one for Meagan's Grad Party that we are having for family and friends. Kind of the life and times of Meagan. So last night I started on the Slide Show. I have about 6 months to complete this project...this is to be a surprise for Meagan. Good thing she spends lots of time with her friends as it gives me the time in the evenings to play around with this.

Al and I are going to go through pictures and scan them. I am going to get Brittany to give me the names of some of Meagan's favorite music... We have boxes and boxes of pictures to go through as well as files and files of pictures on the computer to go through. Good thing Meagan has lots of pictures on the computer from time with her friends.

I think this will be an awesome tribute to Meagan for her Graduation.

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