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Monday, 19 January 2009

Washing Machine

Okay last weekend it was my lagoon that backed up into my basement. Finally Tuesday afternoon the line is opened up and we can use our sewer again.

Saturday night my daughter is doing a load of laundry when the machine sounds like it is out of balance. She runs down and fixes what she thinks is the problem only for the noise to not stop and the load is completely balanced. After looking into it further my husband finds that the washing machine is done for. It won't spin any more...not exactly sure what it is that is broke but does it ever make a noise. So Sunday Al heads into Leon's to look at washing machines. He comes home with a High Efficiency front loading machine. This is what I wanted, actually I have wanted one a HE laundry set for a I have to wait for something to happen to the dry....hmmm wonder how I can make it blow up/break down without looking like I did - hehehehe I will have to be patient and wait for a new least I can still do laundry!

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